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Moving from talk to action: How you can make bold bets

The Canada 150 celebrations brought together citizens, communities, businesses, governments, and others to mark our nation’s sesquicentennial. All united in honouring how far we’ve come as a country—and in dreaming of an even better future.

The celebrations are a potent reminder of the many opportunities we all have to engage in and shape our communities, our regions, and our country as a whole. At Deloitte, we think it’s critical that we use Canada 150 as a platform for courageous conversation and a springboard for the kind of bold action that built this country—the kind of bold action we’ll need in the years to come.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Deloitte believes Canada can be in a class by itself by the time the country turns 175: not just one of the best places in the world in which to live and work, but the very best.

But to get there, everyone must do their part. We need to take action—together.

With Bold bets for our country: It’s time for deliberate action, Deloitte has taken the first step. Bold bets calls on government, business, and community leaders to tackle a new national imperative: to find the best balance between private-sector ingenuity and public-policy leadership, and to make the kind of bold, often uncomfortable decisions that move Canada forward.

Our intent is to spark a serious national dialogue about Canada’s future and the decisions we must make to achieve it. All of us need to play our part in this crucial nationwide conversation—but even as we debate, we need to act. 

And this is where you come in. Because we all have opportunities to be bold, take risks, and overcome challenges. Let’s seize those opportunities each day and start to build momentum.

Business leaders:
Be part of the solution. Embrace long-term thinking and take calculated risks. Help build robust, resilient business ecosystems: sign on as a startup’s first customer, and collaborate cross-sector to help tomorrow’s leaders scale up. Identify the skills and infrastructure you need to boost productivity, and invest to recruit, train, or build them. And don’t wait for government to act; insert yourself into the public conversation and lead the way in taking bold action. 

Help create the conditions for Canada’s future prosperity. Boost our global champions by committing to a competitive tax environment and the open flow of goods, people, and ideas. Engage both business and citizens in shaping public policy and follow through with bold, unwavering decisions. 

All Canadians:
Demand more from your business and government leaders. Educate yourself about global trends and what they mean to the country and your community. Make your voice heard in the conversation about Canada’s future. Get involved and help shape government priorities and programs today so that our nation is equipped with the skills needed for tomorrow’s jobs.

We all have the power to move Canada forward. How will you contribute today?

Why does Canada need to be bold now?


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