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Outcomes over optics
Building inclusive organizations


Canada’s inclusion opportunity

While many other nations turn inward, Canada proudly champions an open, inclusive society. Our commitment to inclusion now offers us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to seize a lasting competitive edge on the global stage. We can stand tall as the best place in the world to live, work—and belong. Together, we can build a foundation for lasting prosperity for all.

But we need to act now, and boldly. Our companies need to move past outdated approaches to diversity and inclusion that are failing to deliver real progress. It’s time to shift from counting our differences to embracing and uniting them instead. It’s time for outcomes, not optics.

Download our full report to learn how inclusion can drive the future of Canada’s prosperity.

The need for change is urgent

Visible minorities held of board director positions, despite making up of the working age population 4.5 % 23 %
62 % of LGBT+ workers report witnessing or experiencing discrimination, almost one third reported that it happens at least a few times a month
Under 48 % of persons with disabilities reported that they are employed compared to 74 % of Canadians without disabilities

After decades of progress we have stalled. Today, the Canadian workplace still fails to reflect the richness of our people.

Get the full report to learn why Canadian companies aren’t making progress on inclusion.

Why inclusion matters to Canadian organizations

Delivering financial performance Prepared to weather the storm Bringing more Canada to the world Challenging the status quo Growing and thriving

Our research shows that highly inclusive companies achieve superior results―they’re more innovative, more adaptable, and faster-growing than less inclusive ones.

Five actions to help Canadian organizations move from optics to outcomes

Leaders Purpose People

Building inclusive organizations takes unwavering commitment to a long-term vision. These five actions, based on our own experience and that of other Canadian businesses, can help accelerate your journey.


Unite to include―and build a better, more prosperous Canada

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At Deloitte, we believe Canada can continue to be the undisputed best place in the world to live and work over the next 25 years. Canada at 175 is our multi-year research initiative to study the issues at the heart of Canada’s future success and provide a perspective on our path to prosperity.

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