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Canada at a new crossroads: 25 years later
We need new and courageous conversations


What we need are new and courageous conversations

—about the choices we face, and the trade-offs we must make, to give the country the best odds of a prosperous future from today forward.

This discussion paper is intended to spark just such conversations across the country, as part of Deloitte's new ambitious Canada at 175 program, leading up to our country’s 150th birthday.

Underpinning our use of scenarios is the central belief that we cannot, nor should we try, to predict the future. Instead, as a country, we need to consider, be prepared for, adapt, and make choices in the context of different possible futures.


Canada’s business community joins the conversation

Deloitte is hosting courageous conversations across the country with directors of boards, CEOs, and policy shapers and makers. Through discussions on the vexing questions we’ve proposed, we aimed to inspire the kind of long-term thinking and moral bravery required to ensure that we are more focused in the next 25 years than we were in the 25 previous.

At our CEO / Directors’ Symposium in mid-May, we engaged business leaders on the bold actions required to move our country forward. The event served as a catalyst for courageous conversation and to begin the hard work of creating impact together. Below are some comments from participants on the day and their commitment to boldness going forward.

Download the full report to learn more about Canada’s need of new and courageous conversations. Canada at a new crossroads: 25 years later is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF® format and on the Canada 175 mobile app.

Vexing questions

Throughout the paper, we argue that if Canada is to truly lead in an uncertain world, Canadian executives, government leaders, and citizens must engage in constructive, courageous conversations about the future direction of our country. Our commitment is to ask those tough questions that will help to define our way forward:

Automated Robot Arm in Factory

Sustainable and inclusive growth

How will we harness advanced technologies and automation to create tomorrow’s jobs, securing ongoing wealth for our country that includes people from every economic level?

Dashboard of self driving car on highway

Supporting competitive advantage

Is Canada prepared to take deliberate and extraordinary action to support areas of true competitive advantage in our country? And if so, on what basis?

Woman in hard hat working in factory

Country size, growth, and immigration

As labour grows less relevant in driving prosperity, what is the optimum size and composition of Canada’s labour force, and what is the best combination of skills to support long-term growth?

Woman in fashion studio writing notes


What must we do better to support sustained innovation in Canadian businesses, governments, and society?

Business man in suit

Responsible, responsive and courageous leadership

What will it mean to be a responsible, responsive, and courageous business leader in the future in Canada?

Don't miss out on this opportunity

Ready to engage in courageous conversations in your organization and community? Download Canada at a new crossroads: 25 years later. The report is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF® format and on the Canada 175 mobile app.

Canada at a new crossroads

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Canada 175 App

Canada 175 app is available for Android and iOS devices

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Canada at 175

At Deloitte, we believe Canada can continue to be the undisputed best place in the world to live and work over the next 25 years. Canada at 175 is our multi-year research initiative to study the issues at the heart of Canada’s future success and provide a perspective on our path to prosperity.

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