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Best Online Casino Games

Online casino games have many advantages over classic casinos. These are the three most important benefits that are largely responsible for the great success of online casinos:

  • A significantly larger selection of game variants
  • All games are available around the clock
  • Better odds and payout ratios

When playing online, however, it is not only important to pay attention to which casino offers the largest selection of game variants. When choosing a provider, you should also consider the aspect of security.

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List of the 10 Best Online Casino Games

But what games are there in online casinos? The most important is, of course, the classic table games roulette and blackjack as well as the popular slot machines. Discover these games in detail in the following overview.

Marketplace Background

Online Roulette – The Mother of All Casino Games

Roulette is perhaps the oldest casino game that is still offered in every casino today and it still enjoys great popularity. Online, you have the advantage that in addition to the usual French and American roulette, many other game variants are available. These game variants offer a lot of variety with their new game modes such as Pinball Roulette and with Age of the Gods Roulette at NetBet you can even win a jackpot!

Casino Roulette Neon
Slot Machine

Online Slot Machines – Better than in Any Gaming Arcade

Slots are by far the most played games in a casino. Online, however, you not only have a much larger selection of games but also better chances of winning, bigger jackpots and you can try out most of the games for free beforehand. At the same time, you don’t have to miss out on the casino games from Bally Wulff or Merkur, the same games are also available as slots, but with top online casino payout odds!

Online Blackjack – Also on the Internet with Real Dealers

You also have a much better choice of games when playing blackjack online. So if you want to play blackjack for real money, you are in good hands in an online casino. In addition, as with roulette, you can also play with real dealers on the internet, which increases the entertainment value.

Online Blackjack
Casino Poker

Casino Poker – All against the House

In casino poker, you don’t play against other players like in Texas Holdem, but always against the bank. The rules of these casino games are very different, but ultimately the aim is always to have a better poker hand than the dealer. The interesting thing about casino poker is that the amount you win depends on the strength of your hand. A flush pays better than two pairs, of course. In the table, you can see a comparison of the most popular casino poker games.

The new and exotic game Caribbean Stud also offers players progressive jackpots. The special features of Casino Holdem are the possible side bets and payouts.

Game Variant and Special Feature Payouts

Casino Holdem AA side bet; payout according to hand strength 1:1 if dealer worse than pair of 4s; up to 100:1 depending on poker hand

Tequila Poker Bet on High Tequila or Tequila Poker up to 200:1 depending on points; up to 200:1 depending on poker hand

Caribbean Stud Payout according to hand strength; progressive jackpot 1:1 for winning a hand; up to 200:1 depending on hand strength

3 Card Poker only 3 cards per hand; Pair Plus side bet 1:1 if winning against the dealer; up to 40:1 depending on hand strength

Bingo and Keno – Popular Online Lottery Games

You can also find lottery games in Internet casinos, although the game selection is rarely large. Often there are only one or two bingo or keno variants. Nevertheless, these online casino games have their fans, especially in America and Canada. In this country, bingo is well known, but keno has become popular in recent years and is also offered in the state lottery. A particularly interesting aspect of the game is the possibility of winning if you don’t hit a single number. The advantage of Bingo or Keno on the Internet is that you never have to wait for the next draw and can determine your own stake.

Bingo and Keno
Video Poker

Video Poker – Compete Online against the Computer

Video poker games were not invented until the 1970s when the first PCs slowly conquered private households. These games mainly struck a chord with players who did not dare to play against other players for real money. In addition, a game round does not last minutes, but only a few seconds, which makes the game very entertaining.

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Dice Games – Craps and Sic BO

Like bingo and keno, dice games tend to have a niche existence in online casinos. This is mainly because there are very few casino games with dice at all. The best known is, of course, craps, but hardly anyone in this country really knows the rules of the game. Sic Bo with three dice, in which you place bets on various dice combinations or numbers on a tableau, similar to roulette. The payouts vary greatly in Sic Bo, but in some cases, you can win up to 180 times your stake. As with roulette, martingale strategies can also be used here.

Dice Games
Arcade Games

Arcade Games – A Varied Range of Games

Arcade games are not games of chance in the classic sense. In this category, the games can have the craziest game rules. For example, you can bet on virtual horse races, play pub games like darts for real money, or gamble on various Tetris clones where lines of the same colour disappear and pay out the corresponding payouts. It should be noted, however, that you cannot control these “skill games” like darts or bowling yourself and the outcome depends solely on chance, which in turn takes away from the appeal of these games.

Betting on simulated horse races is one of the most popular arcade games in online casinos. You can now also play darts in online casinos against several players for real money. Classic bowling is now also played online – this arcade game delights many bowling friends

Scratch Cards – The Ticket to a Big Win

Technically, scratch cards actually belong to lottery games. But unlike in land-based casinos, where the so-called scratch cards are almost impossible to find, there are several of these online casino games to choose from in internet arcades.

With online scratch cards, the player has a wide choice of themes and price ranges. Most online casinos have scratch card games such as Wild Jewels on offer.

Scratch Cards
Jackpot Games

Jackpot Games – Full to Bursting with Prizes

The jackpot games are the most interesting, because only here really big prizes can be won. Of course, the chance of winning millions is not very big, but you simply have to challenge your luck, otherwise, nothing happens at all.


All Casino Games in Real Money Casinos Online

The repertoire of games of chance in virtual casinos seems almost endless: from classic card games like blackjack and poker to more exotic variants like baccarat or red dog, via modern slot machines with a wide variety of themes, not to mention video poker games and scratch cards. Find a list of all the games available at the online casino:

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Casino Poker

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Video Poker

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Video Slots

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Jackpot Slots

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Scratch Cards

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Arcade Games

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Betting Games

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Sic Bo

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The Slots with the Best RTP Values

People always talk about the payout ratio or RTP (Return to Player) when it comes to online slots, but what does it actually mean?

The payout percentage is the amount you can expect to get back per euro wagered. The RTP is given as a percentage and the average for modern video slots is around 96%.

A slot with this 96% has a medium RTP and it has been tested over many game rounds that in this slot about 96 cents per euro wagered are returned to the player.

Of course, this is only a theoretical value and sometimes you can be very lucky and win a large sum after just a few spins. With a slot with 96% RTP, however, you have come across a fair representative of the genre. There are also slots with low RTP, sometimes even below 90 %. Caution is advised here. Often these are jackpot slots that have such a high winning potential when the jackpot is hit that the operators have to compensate for it.